NUCCA: How Does It Work?


NUCCA is a technique for realigning the upper cervical spine. Through accidents and injuries, the top of the neck can become misaligned. These accidents range from minor birth trauma to major car accidents. Once the upper cervical spine becomes misaligned, nerves of the spinal cord and brainstem can be interfered with and lose normal function. These very important areas of the central nervous system coordinate many basic functions of our bodies. For example the coordination of the right side and left side back muscles are controlled by an area in the brain stem. When these nerves that aid in posture control don’t function correctly, one side of the back muscles will be tighter and shorter than the muscles on the opposite side. The entire body then loses its normal symmetrical and balanced posture and is one of the major causes of low back pain, neck pain, and other major joint pain.

In the same manor, nerves that control other aspects of a person’s physiology can be affected by an upper cervical misalignment.  Some of the common symptoms we see improve through NUCCA migraines, TMJ problems, digestive issues, acid reflux, numbness of the extremities and many more.

Once the doctor uses the NUCCA adjustment to improve the alignment of the upper cervical spine, nerves begin functioning more normally and the patient’s symptoms improve. Some patients experience an immediate full body healing effect from the adjustment while others need time for the body to react and heal.